Common Questions and Answers

Do I have to quit my day job or take time off to attend?“No, you don’t.” All BRANDSPRING® programs have workshops and labs in the evenings and on weekends. The process is intense and time consuming, but the purpose is to not effect your current priorities while attending.
Do I have to attend every session, lab or workshop?Yes, you must.” We sum it up with every class -’You make time for what is important to you’ and the BRANDSPRING® is no different. Those that are successful with our program committed 100% to us while we committed 100% to them. Even if we are willing to commit our resources and time 100% to your success, if you only give us 90% you’ve taken 10% of our ability to make you successful.
How much is the program?“Between $175 – $650.” Each program in the BRANDSPRING® series is catered to specific groups of people. Our Young Edisons program is for anyone age 13 – 18 and is an ongoing after school program with monthly dues of $175. Our other programs last from a single weekend to four weeks of intense workshops packed with everything you need and depending on the specific programs you choose we keep the whole package affordable never exceeding $650.
Do you offer scholarships or payment programs?“Yes, but it’s limited.” Payment arrangements can be made for those who have applied and this special request has been filed.

We do offer scholarships to those whom are undergoing hardship and have been approved by our team. It is very rare that we allow full scholarships through our programs, mainly because the success of an idea or product is directly dependent on your ability to fund it. Without the ability to fund your idea and invest in it an idea is doomed. Yes, our program will teach you how to rapidly raise start up fund from creative avenues, however we make the BRANDSPRING® very affordable and it is up to you to invest in your success.
What makes BRANDSPRING® different?“We run on creative capital!” We don’t expect you to quit your job, and you don’t need to have a team or an idea. BRANDSPRING® was developed to fill three very critical areas. (1)Cultivating and growing ideas from younger generations and getting them resourced earlier. (2)Assisting start-up ideas in the technology, product or service categories get the expert advisors and mentorship to take early stage ideas into substantial, fundable, investor ready projects. (3)Provide a brain trust for those who are needing fresh strategy to take their start up to a next level.

  • We focus directly on rapid prototyping, brand development and market growth
  • You work hands-on with potential partners, investors and vendors
  • Most incubators are either exclusive or require you to quit your day job, we don’t
  • Our team, just like you will be, moonlights after hours fueled Redbull, volunteering our time
  • There is no formal curriculum, our goal is to create a success not shove you through a class
  • We are NOT just looking for tech/mobile companies, we are looking for game changers
Who are our Advisor/Mentors and their qualifications?“Very Smart People.” If you have ever heard the phrase “surround yourself with brilliant people” and you believe it to be the key to success, BRANDSPRING® is your place. Each of the members of our board are hand selected because of their exemplary achievements in their industry. Having all been highly successful in their respective fields, each has a thirst for early stage ventures. As a team, the combined network, resources and ambition for big ideas creates a perfect storm for development of new ventures.

Our guest speakers and advisors are both local and international recognized executives, creatives or leaders. They are invited to share with our participants based on a few criteria; (a)They are researched and reputable as experts or pioneers in their industry. (b) They are willing to provide heavily discounted or free and readily available consultation to our alumni and participants.
Are you only in Orlando, Florida?“Yes for now.” The team of people we have brought together is rare to find, therefore, it does not seem feasible for us sacrifice the quality of our program in order to scale it nationally. We win by helping you win, so in an effort to continuously raise the bar as an incubator, building teams with the credentials as our Orlando team takes much time and much diligence. The resources and connections we provide for our alumni reach across the globe and that alone is worth keeping highly exclusive and undiluted.

However, if you are interested in bringing a remote conference or simulcast to your city, we do have resources to make that happen. Contact Collide Company to discuss or lead a local BRANDSPRING® program.
What if I don’t have an idea yet? Can I still attend?“Yes, If you meet at lease two the following:”

(1) You don’t have an idea yet, but hope the program can offer a spark.
(2) You are willing to work on a case study project given to you by our team.
(3) You are looking to meet someone who has an idea and partner with them on a founders team.
(4) You are a designer, engineer, salesperson, web developer, or other trades person seeking a team.
I’m already working on my idea or start-up? Is this still for me?“Yes, This is where we can help you the most.” Everyone has ideas. Most ideas never get a second thought. The rest fall in the hands of those who (a)want to develop them but don’t know where to start and (b)those who are professionals at cultivating ideas. Fortunately, BRANDSPRING® is where the later of those categories meet. We strongly encourage everyone to have an idea or specific industry in in mind to gain the maximum benefit of the program.
We’re working as a team of 2 or more? Can the team attend?“Yes, you can.” If you’ve already worked with some people that you’d like to go through BRANDSPRING® with, we highly encourage that. Please note though, if you already have a beta product, you can still apply, but you should be open to new founders, team mates, feedback and equity sharing that could lead to substantial changes in direction.
It’s just me, can I apply as an individual?“Yes, of course.” Most applicants apply individually — they are looking for a team, resources and experience that can turn their idea into a reality! Plus, having the energy of a team with you as you get launched is twice as fun.
Do you take equity or shares in my company/product?“This depends.” Everyone enters their program at different stages, some are young inventors working on their first project, some are working adults with an innovative idea, some are tech companies trying to get off the ground and others are existing companies who just need to get to that next level. In most cases we take an equity stake based on an assessment of the individual and project of no greater than 10%. This helps us keep the program cost low at $600 per person and is a small price to pay for us being the catalyst to your future success. We support formed teams after the program with useful resources and our network of founders and investors. The connections and partnership you gain through this program are extremely fair, we are dedicated to your success, so, having a vested interest in your success should help you feel confident as we develop, change and demo your idea to reach it’s full potential.
How do I apply?“Well, Click Here to apply online.” Choose the program you are interested in and the time slot you want to begin. We strongly encourage you to always apply to the next available program. Those that wait for future dates tend to have lost zeal for their idea by then; in certain cases, we may not accept your application. For out of town participants and other situations which require you to wait, the reason should be noted clearly on your application for review. We contact all applicants via email once we have selected the participant.

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